+4% increase in VO2 max


+11% increase in Lactate Threshold

+4% increase in Lactate Turnpoint

+6% Increase in Maximum Power


+7.5% increase in Mechanical Efficiency

Figures shown are average improvements of 13 test subjects after 28 days of use.

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Portable, efficient and affordable IH.

Used at rest the Altium™ i10 may simulate altitudes of up to 20,000ft for short 6 minute hypoxic bursts.
These short bursts of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and re-oxygenation (recovery) cause the body to utilise and carry oxygen more effectively and efficiently as part of the adaptation. The concept of intermittent hypoxia has been studied extensively by Ukranian and Russian researchers for a number of years. IH has been shown to improve mitochondrial efficiency, myoglobin concentrations and lactate buffering. This translates into improved endurance, power and speed. 
Altium™ i10 is 100% W.A.D.A Legal (World Anti-Doping Agency)

Altium™ training schedule 

6 minutes on/4 minutes rest for 1 hour

every second day for 30 days

15 days rest followed by 5 day top ups.



Altium are proud to support our world class elite athletes across a number of different sports.
Find out more about them and follow their journey using the i10 device.

Jess Coulson

British half marathon champion


Hartree Jets

Hawkins Brothers

Callum and Derek Hawkins

Finished top 10 at Rio Olympic marathon


Hannah Miley

Commonwealth, European and World Medalist


Matty Hynes

Rio hopeful Marathon runner


Charline Joiner

Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist


July 4, 2016

Matty Hynes beats the mountain with Altium i10

June 21, 2016

Altium i10: not just breathing at rest

June 10, 2016

Altium i10: giving a boost whilst injured

May 30, 2016

Dr Mathew Piasecki becomes physiology consultant at Altium i10

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