Altium™ i10 – altitude simulator
Portable, efficient and affordable

Used at rest: Altium™ i10 simulates altitudes up to 20,000ft via short 6 minute sessions.
With each session on the Altium™ i10, the athlete’s body adapts to improve oxygen flow to the muscles. Acting as a ‘re-breather’, Altium™ i10 delivers short sessions of reduced oxygen and re-oxygenation (recovery). This causes the body to utilise and carry oxygen more effectively and efficiently as part of the adaptation. 
Altium™ i10 safely controls the oxygen flow through a process called intermittent hypoxia (IH). This has been studied extensively by researchers for a number of years. IH has been shown to improve mitochondrial efficiency, myoglobin concentrations and lactate buffering. This translates into improved endurance, power and speed. 
Altium™ i10 is 100% W.A.D.A Legal

Altium™ i10 training schedule – standard protocol

6 minutes on/4 minutes rest for 1 hour

every second day for 28 days


15 day & lifestyle protocols

15 day protocol – Use the Altium i10 for 15 days consecutively (1 hour per day) in the run up to an event/performance test.
Lifestyle protocol – simply integrate Altium i10 into your training by using it 2-3 times per week (1 hour per day/session) in the run up to an event or performance test.


How Altium™ i10 works.

The Altium™ i10 altitude simulator is a re-breather device that is calibrated to each user’s breathing volume and flow rate. By volume, the air we breathe consists of around 21% oxygen. On every breath the respiratory system converts around 5% from O2 to CO2. The exhaled air passes through the Altium™ i10 cartridge (where the CO2 is removed) and into the mixing chamber .
The lower oxygen concentration in the exhaled air mixes with ambient air at 21% O2. On inhalation the user re-breathes this air, and after around 100 seconds the rebreathed air consists of a lower oxygen concentration of around 9-12%, simulating altitudes of around 4,500m – 6,000m.  

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Track your progress with the Altium™ i10 app.

Available on the app store since August 2015, the Altium™ i10 app pairs with each user’s Bluetooth oximeter (included in the Altium™ i10 starter kit). This gives real time data on: SpO2, effective altitude and heart rate readings. The app will coach you through your IH protocol providing:

  • Session timing and scheduling
  • Automatic SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring
  • Race/event planning and training advice
  • Built in reminders for consumable (CO2 cartridge) re-ordering
  • Share results with friends by posting to Strava, Facebook and Twitter
Optimise your training by keeping in the hypoxic zone for longer, collect ‘Alti-Points’ based on effective altitude and compare session progress by posting the IH session to Strava. Monitor your PBs and watch them fall.

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