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You may already have the ambition, you may also have the ability, and with the Altium i10, you can now have the answer.

The Altium i10 altitude simulator allows you to reap the physical benefits and, in turn, enjoy the real results of altitude training without having to travel to great heights. Altitude exposure has been proven to improve endurance performance  for the world’s triathlon elite; and our lightweight and easily portable hand held device can now bring the benefits of their world to yours without the effort, inconvenience or expense.

Designed to be used at rest and as part of your physical training programme, the Altium i10 altitude simulator adjusts your oxygen intake, mimicking the effects of altitude and arming you with a brand new line of attack, allowing you to step up your competitive game and reach your personal fitness goals by training like the professionals from the comfort of your home.

Because every body is different, the Altium i10 can be calibrated to your individual requirements, making your device unique to you. And with no need for a mains power supply, there’s nothing to stand in the way of progress.

Mountain, track, road or trail: ready to become faster and stronger for longer…?

Why use the Altium i10?
How does the Altium i10 work?
What does the Altium i10 do?

Bob De Wolf

General Manager of the BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team

” The BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team stands for professionalism and high performance. The team’s philosophy and vision is to provide maximal professional support for our athletes with the ultimate goal to optimize their performances.


We are extremely pleased to offer the opportunity to our athletes to start working with Altium i10 and to provide them with the best in class altitude simulation devices, accommodating each athlete’s individual needs. “

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The Device Kit - what’s included?

Exposure to altitude boosts athletic performance. Used at rest, each Altium i10 hypoxia training session mimics altitude, adapting your body by increasing oxygen flow to the muscles. This, coupled with your regular training programme, results in increased endurance, power and speed.

You can now enjoy marked improvements with every training session, allowing you to reach new levels in cycling performance.

The Altium i10 Device Kit has everything you need to get started. Containing the Altium i10 hypoxia device, oximeter, nose clip, four cartridges and carrying case, your portable, efficient and affordable altitude training regime starts here.

The Device in detail

Calibrated to your specific needs, the Altium i10 re-breather can simulate altitudes of up to 13,000ft (4,000m) without having to leave home. That’s equivalent to moving from sea level to the height of Mont Blanc in less than a minute. Unlike masks that simply deprive the body of oxygen, the Altium i10 safely reduces oxygen concentration with every breath. Over a course of one-hour sessions, oxygen concentration can be reduced by up to 12%, replicating the effects of altitude.

  • Replacement CO2 scrubber cartridges (5 pack)


Replacement cartridges

The Altium i10 replacement cartridge life span depends on your level of fitness, but on average each cartridge lasts for approximately two, one-hour training sessions.

Exhausted cartridges are easy to detect as you will no longer be able to drop your SPO2% into the hypoxic region (below 95%).

Cartridges come in handy packs of five, with discounts available when purchasing three packs or more.

The cartridges in close-up

The Altium i10 scrubber cartridges play a highly significant role when replicating altitude. Every time you breathe into the device, the small granules trap CO2 resulting in less carbon dioxide being re-inhaled. As you continue to breath through the device, that re-breathed air, sees oxygen levels continue to drop by up to 12%, convincing your body to adapt to lower oxygen availability as though training at high altitude. This results in the body having greater capacity for endurance, power and speed and allowing you to enjoy even greater cycling success.